The Wesleyan Heritage Library CD (click for full info PDF)
is the source of most of the heritage articles on this website. It was created using Adobe Acrobat, and includes Acrobat Reader 4.0 with all of its viewing and searching capabilities You may also "copy and paste" to your favorite word processor, or print copies of selections for others, as I have done for you.  (37.00 USD + shipping)   Complete full sized contents list (24 pages). Full CD Contents List

Holiness Data Ministry
This is where you get Duane Maxey's exhaustive Cd full of holiness resources in text that can be rough at times.  But it is just huge.

The  They Knew Their God  series   (click for full info PDF)
of five illustrated paperback books illuminates the inspiring lives of 74 Holiness Saints in 828 pages.  These are properly written  and recently researched sketches that are more readable than the online PDF excerpts which have been removed from their proper context. There is very little overlap with the PDFs.   Habitual reading of lives of the Saints was traditionally viewed as second only to the Bible in spiritual benefit.  The above is an outline of the Contents of the books.

As far as we have seen your best source for a wide variety of retail Holiness books still in print is

Herald and Banner Bookstore and Press

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