The Holiness Roundtable
"Restoring True Scriptural Holiness to it's Rightful Place in Christian Experience"

"There are two distinct kinds of Holiness.  And they are not the same:
The commonly held Holiness obtained at conversion must live with mixture, even when ripened by years and  the most worthy grace gained from many costly consecrations. But the finished Holiness found in His Rest is blameless and without mixture.  It is not common, for it requires the supreme price and is obtained by believers only through a second distinct work of saving grace."

The Holiness Roundtable is a strategic council of servants in His Rest.  We are led to intercede and work with the Lord in our various capacities to restore the scriptural work of His Rest back into its' rightful recognition and practise, since no other course gives His gospel full honour and reign.  Because we have been made One within the radiant hush of His bosom, it is only natural that we humbly consult one another and collaborate in any way that we can in order to find and develop initiatives to advance His most excellent Kingdom of the pure in heart.  

Our  Cause  This age has been so spiritually plundered that it has all but lost hold upon God's costly BEST.  People need the Lord; and believers need to dwell in the fullness of His Presence without let or hindrance.  But how are souls to find His Rest when it is seldom preached, and so very rarely seen in practice? Without His Rest believers everywhere are making do with an incomplete victory over sin and are unnecessarily storm-tossed.

We believe this situation must change that "He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish."  Ephesians 5:27  For this reason, the call must go out everywhere to the wise servants in the earth while there is yet time to prepare:  "but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps." Matt. 25:4  This second portion of oil is purchased dearly with a second work of saving grace. We are led to help believers avoid becoming a "foolish virgin"!  

Membership:  New members are accepted to "The Holiness Roundtable" council by invitation only.  Interested servants who walk in His Rest, regardless of affiliation,  are encouraged to get in touch.

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  Enter His Rest

Enter His Rest   is owned by Tom Plumb (AKA "Earnest Seeker")  This website provides today's Church with an experiential roadmap back to the powerful pure-heart Christianity that comprised the early church.

Testimonial    Tom Plumb

This specialized website is wholly dedicated to guiding earnest seekers into the finishing work of His Rest.  Discover the secret of effortless abiding, stable spiritual authority, and supernatural purity in this growing online library comprised mostly of brief topical excerpts.

“Devout men and women who have entered His Rest share their testimonies and guidance to beckon others to come and share the Beulah of His Rest.” 
Do you want a quick overview of the meat of the website?   The Key to His Rest

Tom contributes to the purpose of the "Holiness Roundtable" by making public the knowledge of a supernaturally blameless Rest in His Presence, together with explicit directions by which it may be obtained by any earnest seeker. He does this so that others will not have to suffer the long years without the hope of living in a realm where sin does not hold a degree of sway in this life.    

George Delo  After becoming sanctified, George was called to provoke churches to holiness. With an aggressive and explicit message to obtain the second blessing and a supernatural righteousness of heart, he has been preaching with success and power in the U.S. and internationally.for 21 years now.   Under his firm guidance many enter into His Rest.  Enjoy his website. Here is his astonishing testimony:  Testimony

Do you have a group that wants to lay it all on the line for Him, but can't seem to find the line? Perhaps a few days of  provocation from George will bring you through!!!


 End-Times Handmaidens and Servants

Dr. Yohanan A. P. Goldman  is a spirit-filled Messianic professor at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.  

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The Holiness RoundTable  

The Holiness RoundTable

The Holiness RoundTable

The Holiness RoundTable