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This provides a basic outline of how to obtain a pure heart. The heritage authors will fill out the details for you.

Entering His Rest is as easy or as hard as you make it...

But before we start to go into detail you should understand that entering His Rest involves qualifications that nobody can attain in themselves through the mere effort or good works.  You will see that each and every one of these qualifications requires His divine intervention to obtain:
  • Hunger:  This is a reward and gift given by the Lord to those who are zealous and  faithful with their initial portion of grace.  It is a supernatural reward of CAPACITY to seek for more.  The more hunger you have been given, the more swiftly you will be able to overcome any obstacle. If you are short of this element, the thing to do is to get really faithful with what you have already been given. Learn to pray and speak secretly  in tongues at times while you go about your day. He is faithful to reward the faithful with more. Become"Hot for God".  Carry a tiny Bible on your person at all times, and refuel your zeal and faith at every opportunity throughout your day. Lunchtime. Coffee break. Waiting in line or in traffic jams. Become a student of the materials on this website since there is much faith-building material included. I have made sure that it is not all heavy or  theological.
  • Total Consecration:  Consecration means to dedicate, or "give over" into the death of His Cross.  But how do you know when you have consecrated your ALL?  Here we need His help, to both show us those things which are not obvious, and to give us the faith and courage to lay down our whole lives without reserve at His feet.  But when we do this, how do we know that there is not yet more? We often don't know when to quit, so we just have to do our best and hold the rest before Him, so that He can either approve or show us more.  Having consecrated, we must simply stand in faith.
  • Total Faith:  Here you need to believe that He will bring you into His Rest. (But to do that, you need to know what you are asking for. The best place to find that out is to read my book "How to enter His Rest", below.)   We just have to do our best to keep holding this faith, until finally He reaches down with His Hand of grace and says, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into...". There are certain tricky  paradoxes that must be bridged in faith: such as we need a completed faith in order to obtain a completed faith...   Again we must cry, "Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief".
  • Sanctification Crisis: at a definite moment in time we are taken into His Bosom.  To some the moment may appear subtle, but after they wait in active trust, they will will look back and see the exact moment when they passed from the believer's twilight into gloriously full light in Him.  Most find the moment to be blatantly unmistakable.
  • Unimpeded Growth in His Spirit:  After entering His Rest, you must keep it.  You do this by continued diligence in Him since although your heart has now been made pure, many of your existing circumstances, habits, choices and relationships still fall short of those the Lord would choose for you. These you must allow to fall off as the Lord tenderly reveals them to you, -even if it is something greatly cherished and spiritual. Rapid growth in consecration and prayer is safety.  Neglect brings the possibility of the loss of His Rest -to return to your former unsatisfactory twilighted daily up and down grind of elementary mixed faith. "The wide way". It is both wise and natural to fear the loss of this "so great grace"-which is the greatest of treasure that the Lord can give to those who are yet on this earth.
Summary: “In a moment of time, all the unhealthy inherited peaks of strength are laid low, and the inherited valleys of weakness and fear are filled in: the life is wholly reconciled and so made to be wholly in harmony with Him and with itself. There is a mysterious "something" that was left untouched by initial salvation. This  fallen nature made us stay vulnerable to deliberate sin since it was the root source for the many failings that follow the believer. It must be removed!!!”
Below you will find clearly written road-maps written by gracious saintly souls to enable you to enter and join them within His Rest.  Each  author eloquently offers their own mixture of hard-won wisdom, observations, examples, scriptures and topical doctrines.  The first section of this page is devoted to necessary resources for heart preparation, the second section is devoted to documents that contain the precious and coveted "entry directions" that countless accomplished sanctified souls spent their lives to make clear to others.

Indeed, many medieval saints endured years of painful self-flagellation and prayerful fasting  hoping to goad themslves into at least one of the insights that are here shared openly.  

But be aware that the same blessed truths are expressed in quite a number of perspectives, since doctrines do develop or decline over time.  In the book we attempt to point you towards what we humbly consider the most productive perspective on this glorious mystery available today.  But, regardless of perspective this remains beyond faithful debate: to obtain His vast and luminous all; the price is always your tiny and tarnished all.  

"There are two great words in the New Testament relative to the state and position of the believer—Justification and Sanctification. Speaking roughly we may say that Justification means “being counted righteous,” and Sanctification “made righteous.” When a man is born again, God both counts him righteous, forgiving all the past—and makes him righteous giving him a new nature. Hence Paul, when writing to the Christians of his day, though many of them were carnal, calls them saints, or sanctified ones. Sanctification, however, may be divided into two parts—“regeneration,” or sanctification begun, and “complete sanctification” which is the work completed, and which is the subject we are considering. In this connection it is interesting to note that John Wesley entitles his great classic on the subject “Entire Sanctification.”   A. Paget Wilkes

So, in Salvation is our blessing and relationship with Him begun, and in His Rest is our blessing and relationship with Him made complete.  And indeed that is what all those who gave faithful testimonies of their years in this privileged state of grace have boldly declared! A well-known way of understanding entering His Rest (entire sanctification) is as a second dip in the "saving grace" that brought you through initial salvation. But in order to successfully understand that, you need to understand the experiential details of the hidden supernatural events that occurred when you became a believer...   read:

"The Atonement and a Sinning Religion"  a two page excerpt from   A Right Conception of Sin by theologian  Richard S. Taylor (1945)

For more detail also read the first half of  M. L. Haney's  "The Inheritance Restored" This lengthy full version from the CD is found on the main page.

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