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The purpose of this website is to not merely provide you with an abundance of  "holiness" resources. No, not at all.  The motivation is that both God and I are unhappy.  We are unhappy that there are so few of you out there that share our fullness of unshakable joy.   We want you sealed, blameless and made white in His Rest with us, enjoying that "Oneness" that John 17 describes.

To accomplish this purpose I have provided the best directions that I have been able to find. There is considerable repetition, amongst the various authours, but there are enough differences in their approaches and your needs that variety is required.

But sadly, if you are determined to know just
everything about His Rest before you commit yourself,  you may never get around to making the leap of faith that is described. When getting ready to jump into a cold lake, there comes a point at which you have to steel yourself, and say, "Its' now or never- Here goes nothin'!"  or, as the old saying goes, "Look before you leap, but for God's sake, leap!!!"

After you have laid your very all at His feet, and keep it there, (read of the common problems that occur here in the articles) the hard thing is to trust Him to do the work.  This requires a "
Kamikaze" type of faith.  This kind of faith is most often found in a zealous new convert.  This special kind of faith that does not count the cost is technically called, "Saving Faith", because a new believer cannot enter salvation without his measure of it.  So the easiest time for a soul to enter His Rest is quite soon after becoming saved when this kind of faith is still within living memory and  reality to you.  You really need just enough time to see that this new Lord is worthy enough to trust with your whole life.

You need just enough quality teaching and exemplars at this special time to gain enough of this living faith to act upon.  Those who miss this special time, (almost everybody these days) most often find that the initial glow fades and then the struggles start.  A zealous few manage to maintain that initial glow that keeps ALL before Him.  This is very special, as are certain seasons of costly victory afterwards, but these still do not at all compare with His Rest.

Don't get lost in doctrines.  They are merely highly organized attempts to help us make sense of scripture and
prove the views taken to build faith.  But the reality is that every theologian still has more to learn.......   And teaching from others only goes so far.  The teaching still has to make that long, long trip from the head to the heart.

And most of all don't give up.  The main reason that there are so few in His Rest, is that it is just not easy. And it is certainly not free. Getting saved required some struggle.  This requires a much more costly struggle. But this struggle is to obtain a work of grace that permanently removes all inward struggle! If you will, "The battle to end all battles." Your "Waterloo"!!!

Most must work from the significant disadvantage of  your salvation "First Love" being just a memory.  Looking in hindsight, I regard the time outside of that first love as being actually a time of walking in a confusing partially backslidden state.  This an all too common time of protracted grappling with old sins and temptations was never meant to be part of the faith experience at all!  The scriptural pattern is far more simple.  You simply give your life wholly to Him.  You then let Him do the saving!  This applies just as much to entering into salvation as it does to entering into complete salvation where all sin is not merely pardoned, but removed so that the fallen nature with all its sinwardness is totally gone.

The process you must go through using this website is something like this:

  1. Learn about His Rest, so that you may awaken hope and find faith for it.  Do this by reading plenty of  "Testimonies" and and then some of the "Precious Treasures". (top of "Entry Directions" page)
  2. Learn exactly how souls enter His Rest by reading further selections on in the "Entry Directions" page.
  3. Begin to apply your knowledge.  Successful souls often observe in hindsight that the process is so simple that it was baffling.....
  4. You can answer any nagging questions in the large FAQ section.  I am available online, but you will probably find many more answers here on the website.than you have questions!  Download all the articles on this "Entry Directions" page into one folder, and then you can do a global PDF searches with Acrobat Reader.  This gives you more answers than the FAQ page. 
  Our Position:

The year is 2011.  The "Great Awakening" is long gone.  Active hope or faith for this blessed state of unhindered grace is rare indeed.

Doctrines on the website really can be contradictory and confusing, since there are so many answers.  But consider Martin Luther's great discovery: he did not have to climb that Vatican stairway on his knees, for "the just are saved through faith".  This revolutionary discovery applies not only to salvation, but also to full salvation. (entering His Rest)  The best preaching with few exceptions, does not hammer the horror of sin to instill fear -even though it can certainly be instructional.  The best preaching instead woos the soul to hunger for the glories of His Kingdom. When John Wesley was asked when one should preach the doctrine of entire sanctification, he replied, “Never until men are hungry and seeking for it, and when we do, let it always be by drawing rather than by driving.” Many Holiness preachers on this website tended to "drive" by over-emphasizing the horrors of sin. The whole church has been mostly under this pall since Augustine. The fact is that the sin problem is wholly conquered in Christ.  The sole remaining problem is to have this total victory applied to us personally and experientially.  This is a work of faith.  But to prepare for this work, consecration is required. And as you contend for the faith, He may reveal more places to consecrate.  

In the past many souls spent so much focus trying to fight off the propensity to repeat past personal sins that they did not get around to trusting Him until after a protracted period of contending for His Rest.

At this moment, souls within His Rest are extremely rare.  And they find few that are willing to listen to their ministry. Potential venues do not have the faith or hope for this forgotten grace, and so would not welcome this sort of demanding teaching that contradicts long-held misconceptions such as "Progressive Sanctification".  Wesley was in a similar position.  He spent most of his career speaking privately of His Rest to zealous seekers.  His public sermons would often mention it, but very circumspectly and with wisdom to not offend the weak in faith.  At the same time He was still having trouble with many who argued violently with his claims for the basic salvation experience!!!
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We are still learning from these resources, even as we make them available for you!   So the best experts to refer to are the heritage authours and who have led multiplied thousands into Beulah Land. To the best of our knowledge, no living ministers today have comparable experience and practical wisdom.  The best exemplars to refer to are still the living, but we are few and green.  This whole dimension is still quite "hidden" to the church for those reasons, even though we are doing all we can to correct this myopia of breathtaking proportions. (We?  See the living testimonies on the Testimonies page.)

Why? Because this spiritual dimension is essential. His testimony amongst us demands no less, for He is worthy!  In turn our testimony will demand the same: for how will we answer when He asks why we left His greatest blessing unused.....

Crying Out for Sanctification
An exceptional YouTube video.....  Press your "shift" key and then the title...

Yours in His Most Excellent Service;

Tom Plumb (AKA  "Earnest Seeker")

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