This website is not theological, but experiential in focus. After your heart is made wholly pure is the best time to understand what has happened: Augustine said of salvation: "First comes faith and then comes understanding".  Until  we enter His Rest we can only see this grace "through a glass darkly".   But in our search for Rest we often need some clear-thinking theological guidance, even though it is not exactly on our narrower topic.

The heritage theology alluded to in the many articles on this website is often in serious need of fine tuning, although these articles are still rich and full of the pungence of much direct experience that later authours cannot begin to claim.  

Poorly tuned doctrine is of sober consequence to us since it may slow or hinder
souls from entering His Rest.... For that reason, and for the greater understanding of our place in His bosom, we wish to present you with the best doctrinal insights on the topic available today.  

Here are some rare treasures I have found for you.

Yours in His Service;

Tom Plumb    

This more recent classic work will bless you with its grace and balanced approach to the Most Holy.   24 pages by  A. Paget Wilkes  1931

Sanctification And Its Synonyms

Seldom is the true scope and grace of sanctfication truly understood in these days. This exceptional article presents some parallel paths to such understanding. 39 pages by W. T. Purkiser