Beverly Carradine-  biographical information

Rev. Beverly Carradine
was an especially gifted early evangelist and prolific author of  the Great Awakening.  During those days a Holiness evangelist mixed and matched two types of message and altar call.  One altar call was for sinners to obtain their pardon in salvation.  The second altar call was for believers to obtain their heart-purity in His Rest. Through this he became an experienced midwife to many thousands of souls coming into His Rest. 

In my opinion he is outstanding for reference today since he uses many homely human and natural examples to get his points accross.  This is especially important today since we have been exposed to so much knowledge, that just plain common-sense has become uncommon.  The abundance of unsanctified teachers have now spread fog over this precious work of finishing grace that is so thick that today few find their way through it.  

Born in Yazoo County, Miss., April 4, 1848; went to University of Mississippi 1865-7; converted July 12, 1874; entered the ministry October, 1874; joined the Mississippi Annual Conference December, 1874; stationed in Vicksburg 1882; stationed in New Orleans, 1883; Centenary College Conference, degree "D.D.," 1887; sanctified, June 1, 1889; visited the Holy Land, 1890; stationed in St. Louis, 1890; became an evangelist, October, 1893. Have written the following books: Church Entertainments, The Lottery, The Bottle, A Journey to Palestine, Sanctification, The Second Blessing in Symbol, The Better Way, The Old Man, Pastoral Sketches, The Sanctified Life, and Revival Sermons.  Passed away in 1931.  He held to the early "Eradicationist" view of sanctification which needs the able corrections of Baxter.