Spiritual Baggage

We all have some baggage  that we gain from the source of our teaching.  It can't be helped.  These articles explain the whole gospel in an extraordinarily clear way that includes the potential for a profound purity that most gospel teachers are yet unaware of.

  Foundational Understandings
In order to successfully integrate the challenging new information on this website with your existing spiritual experience, you first need to accurately understand and humbly  practice the venerable spiritual realities you entered into when you were saved.  Please protect yourself from confusion and if necessary, make sure of your foundations.  You cannot wholly trust any church for this since you have the final stewardship of your life before Him.  Click above for several articles.

The Robust Gospel
The weakness of this website is that it takes one particular gospel theme (all but invisible to the wider church) and studies it out of the context of the whole gospel.  The essential understanding of the fallen nature (original sin) can suffer because of this since it takes a breadth and depth of scriptural understanding in order to grasp the glory and grace of God's redeeming perspective on our foundational lostness.  But Rev. C. E. Brown comes to our rescue!  If you can wade through the odd passage where he gets technical, you will see that he adds important grace, nuance and perspective to this subject. Click above for this masterpiece taken from "The Door" page. 

Doctrinal Overviews

This website and in particular this "Entry" web page is a practical "how to".  However, just as understanding the gospel is much wider than mere instructions on how to get saved, there is much more you need to know to get a proper grasp of Scriptural Holiness.
On this sub-page is a good number of articles that are about His Rest, rather than on exactly How to enter it. Before you go on, you may need to spend some time getting  your mind clear about the serious topic that this website covers.  Why is it serious?  Because it is your gateway to a radiant victory beyond your present imagination.   Click above for several articles.